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What is the main idea
What is
It is an online marketplace where you can find best deals and largest selection on latest designs in wholesale prom dresses, wholesale maxi dresses, wedding clothings, evening gowns, cocktail, short and long plus size dress etc. We are proud to be preferred destination for large number of businesses that chose us as their main supplier. Our main goal is to provide our customers with best possible experience when doing business with us. Our main advantages include flexible order minimum requirements, custom virtual shop and drop-shipping program. Our virtual shop option gives you an opportunity to present your customers with our last collection from which they can choose. Once order is made, it can be shipped out to you or to your customer within 24 hours from our Los Angeles based warehouse. We provide you with great selection of the latest styles by updating our stock on a daily basis. We also run weekly sales and notify you by email of the latest deals available on our site. To see Manufactures prices please register on our website. Minimum order amount is 200 USD.
Drop shipping
Drop Shipping Program
With our drop shipping program you don't keep our products in stock. Instead you partner with us - a wholesale dresses supplier that stocks clothings for you - you transfer customer orders and shipment details to us, and we ship products directly to the customer. Your customers won't know it's a drop shipping and that we are your wholesale dress supplier since our private label shipping lets you ship from us - the wholesaler, with a return address and invoice customized to your store. With our drop shipping program we address two main obstacles that prevent many people from starting their clothing business - startup costs and fulfillment hassles. Imagine if someone offered to pay your inventory costs on thousands of styles and also manage your fulfillment operations. Our drop shipping program offers you exactly that.

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